Confessions of a Never Trumper

Yes. I am a Never Trumper. I’ve been a Republican since 2009 after voting for Obama. I supported Marco Rubio during the primaries in 2016. When he dropped out, I supported Ted Cruz. At no time did I support Donald Trump. I did not vote for him in the General nor did I vote for Hillary. I voted for..


The reasons why I didn’t vote for Trump are many. First, he is clearly not a conservative, despite the various position changes, such as his views on abortion. Second, he has low character. I won’t go into the numerous things he has said and done in the past. They have been well documented. And lastly, I didn’t think he gave the GOP the best chance to beat Hillary Clinton. He proved me, and most of America, wrong on that one on Tuesday. What a surprise!


Now with President-elect Trump, I’m not sure where that leaves me. Am I still in the NeverTrump crowd? Well I’m certainly not like Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post who wrote an article in July titled, “How Hillary Clinton can win over Never Trump Republicans?” . In no way did I EVER consider voting for Hillary Clinton. She was a non-starter. Her views on abortion are reprehensible, such as wanting to change religious beliefs on abortion, supporting federal funding of Planned Parenthood who’s CEO, Cecile Richards, said, “We need to challenge or repeal every single restriction that’s out there.” She proposed a ton of new spending, such as expanding ObamaCare, expansions or investments in numerous programs like: family leave, climate and infrastructure. So no, she’s no choice for a conservative. But I don’t want to be like Jennifer Rubin who’s hatred for Donald Trump blinds her. 

For me, Never Trump was more about him not being conservative and tainting the brand of Conservatism. Everything else was important but secondary. I’m sure like most “movements”, Never Trump is not monolithic.

Donald Trump is no longer running for President. He will be the President. Liberal critics keep saying that people shouldn’t normalize Trump. Well, he’s the 45th President of the United States. His winning normalized him, for better or worse. I’ll give the man a fair shake and my views or opinions on him, or anything, are always subject to change if the data changes. If he governs like a conservative and acts like a civilized human being, I can be swayed.

But I’m not holding my breath..


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